Personalized Experiences

A Personalized Experience

Understand more about your digital audience and build personalized interactions with Brightspot Personalization. The platform can collect data even from disparate sources, allowing you to make meaningful connections and build a comprehensive profile for each customer.

Tailored Content

Plan and create alternate versions of any content for your audiences using the same editorial processes as traditional content and deliver these targeted experiences in real time. Publishers can review and compare these content variations using strong editorial tools.

A Defined Target

Create specific audiences with similar characteristics, interests or behaviors to efficiently deliver personalized content. Brightspot Personalization captures and consolidates individual information by synchronizing with existing data sources to compile a unique consumer identity based on information, behavioral and historical attributes.

Be Relevant

Deliver relevant content at the most appropriate time based on an individual's location or referral source. Record methods of site access by device and deliver content over the most appropriate channel in return. Maintain a personalized experience across responsive websites, native apps, social, syndicated and print content.


Seamlessly integrate with existing ecosystems to partner actionable data with a focused personalized experience.

Brightspot can interface with more than 100 other software systems.