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A Google-Inspired Approach

Keep your content organized and at your fingertips. Unlike legacy platforms, Brightspot was built with a powerful search engine, so assembling assets for publishing is headache-free.

Search for Any Object

Global Search is a fast and full-featured way to find any content in Brightspot. Enter your query into the search field and it will return all relevant content. Your search results can be filtered, saved, and edited, giving you quick access to every piece of content in the system.

Intelligent Search

Use context to refine your results within Brightspot. It's flexible search will display all available content appropriate to the object selected, and the fields associated with that content object will adjust dependent on the object.

Status Searching

Filter your asset searches using Brightspot’s advanced, status-based search. For example, you can look for all content in a specific stage, filtering out content that you don't need to edit or preview.

Color Search

Images are often the most compelling parts of any story. Brightspot allows you to easily search for images by color, giving you the ability to create seasonal galleries that share the same color.