Collaboration + Workflows

The Best Work Is Teamwork

Enhance every user’s experience and limit distractions with Brightspots’ three core collaboration tools. Each has its own subset of unique features that make it easier than ever to create dynamic digital experiences.

Drag + Draw Workflows

View the status of a project at a glance or track multiple editors as they contribute to separate phases of a project. Create custom workflows for any user role and content type with transitions and statuses using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Roles + Permissions

Maintain complete management of specific parts of the digital experience by defining users and roles to control access to certain features and functions within the platform. Manage actions and features more easily while driving increased efficiency for all members of your editing and platform management team.


Organize your editorial team and manage important workflows across your site. Workstreams allow you to organize content into collections based on the work that needs to be done and then assign that collection to one or more editors, tracking the completed work on the dashboard.


Adding smart alerts to your team’s daily collaboration can dramatically increase productivity. Fully automated notifications keep users and administrators alerted when there's an outstanding action.