Brightspot Digital Experience Platform

Next Generation Digital Publishing

Brightspot is a digital experience platform (DXP) that lets you manage and distribute content across multiple sites and channels. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and data sources, and it brings a powerful set of best-in-class editorial tools, robust search features, built-in analytics and personalization capabilities. Brightspot lets you build digital experiences designed specifically for your customers.

Learn more about our next generation digital experience platform below, or, visit our Features page to learn more about the rest of our platform features.

Content Only One Click Away

Global Search is a fast and full-featured way to find any content in Brightspot. Enter your query into the search field and it will return all relevant content. Your search results can be filtered, saved, and edited, giving you quick access to every piece of content in the system.

Multichannel Delivery

Unify all digital properties within Brightspot and deliver your content across any device, all from a single, unified digital experience platform. Publish content to any device in a fraction of the time by giving your editors the ability to create and maintain content using a single content library without additional development time and expenses.

User + Roles Management

Maintain complete management of specific parts of the digital experience by defining users and roles to control access to certain features and functions within the platform. Manage actions and features more easily while driving increased efficiency for all members of your editing and platform management team. For more information on user management and other collaboration features, click here.

A Dynamic Dashboard

Personalized at the user level, the dashboard can be built to suit the needs of each individual. Brightspot offers a powerful selection of widgets by default, including content discovery, collaboration, metrics, scheduling and bulk upload.