Brightspot OTT

Extend Over-the-Top (OTT) Video to All Content

Brightspot OTT enables companies to efficiently create, manage and publish a TV-like video experience, optimized for each device and personalized for every audience. Brightspot OTT offers a holistic digital publishing experience that delivers personalized digital experiences, inclusive of all content types, across devices and applications.

Personalized TV playlists, supplemented by companion content on secondary devices, provide an innovative experience for your audience through one unified platform.

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Second-Screen Content

Enhance the experience you provide your audience. Publish companion content to a second-screen to give your audience a next-generation TV experience. While viewing a video on one TV-streaming device, your audience can access your companion content on another device, completely synchronized with their viewing experience.

Live Wheel

Publish time-shifted video playlists that give your viewers a live-TV experience by letting them join the playlist mid-stream, enabling content discovery and consumption, which are essential to building and retaining a loyal viewer-base.

Personalized TV

Bring personalization to the lean-back, 10-foot TV experience with native audience management and marketing segmentation. Personalized video playlists can be programmed within Brightspot OTT from a single publishing interface to provide even more granular experiences to your video audiences on any device.

Unified Publishing

Publish targeted video content into experiences optimized for the most popular viewing devices, from one unified publishing interface. The OTT editorial experience leverages all of the digital publishing capabilities of the Brightspot platform.