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Brightspot celebrates "Take Your Child To Work" Day


On April 23, ten children followed their mom or dad to the office to participate in our annual Take Your Child To Work Day festivities. The group, ranging in age from 8-12, spent the day learning all about day-to-day activities at Brightspot.

With many new faces, the morning started with a fun game of Get to Know You B-I-N-G-O. After learning some interesting facts about their peers (who didn't brush their teeth that morning!), they dove into a variety of workshops to gain a better understanding of the work that happens each day at Brightspot.

Kaitlyn led off the workshops by teaching the children the ins and outs of web design. Starting with a simple wireframe, the kids worked with Kaitlyn to design a brand new homepage for LEGO. With everybody contributing, they determined a color scheme, selected fonts, and chose images to bring the wireframe to life. Mark followed with an interesting lesson on coding a website. Teaching the kids about the differences between HTML, CSS, and Javascript, he exposed them to several of the languages we use every day at Brightspot.

After gaining a better understanding of design and development, the kids sat down with their parents for a 45-minute interview. The children learned about their parent's inspirations and challenges, day-to-day office life, current projects, job benefits, and valuable advice about work. For many of the kids, this time together was the highlight of the day, as they gained new insight into their parent's career.

Following pizza and a trip to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream cones, the kids learned about Brightspot and how publishers use our software to update their websites and create new content. With that understanding, the kids began working on their major project - using Brightspot to publish a blog post about their day in the office. We took a break in the afternoon, divided up into 3 teams, and completed a challenging Brightspot scavenger hunt, where the kids found items throughout the office, interacted with many employees, and searched all over the Brightspot website for information. The winning team, which scored 29 out of 30 points, took home a $30 iTunes gift card!

After completing their blogs, the kids presented them to the staff, sharing their experience at work - a memorable day for them, their parents, and the entire team at Brightspot.


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