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Children Explore Careers and Projects at Brightspot

Brightspot employee at the Perfect Sense office

Last Thursday, Brightspot celebrated Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day with a wide array of activities that allowed employees’ children, ranging in ages from 3rd to 8th grade, an opportunity to explore their parents’ workplace. The group of 12 children learned about a variety of career paths, explored a collection of Brightspot projects, and even published a photo gallery in Brightspot about their experience.

The morning focused on learning about different careers at Brightspot. Kaitlyn Smith explained the role of visual designers and led the children through a fun exercise, redesigning a home page for Ben & Jerry’s. Aaliyah Goodman followed by exposing the group to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After her presentation, the kids were able to experiment with these languages in a hands-on coding exercise. Lastly, Rob Irvine demonstrated how websites are used to tell an engaging story through a variety of content types, showing the group how to create an engaging photo gallery, which they would be doing later in the day. Following these presentations, the kids interviewed their parents about their career path, goals, and day-to-day office life.


After lunch and a special Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Party, the kids got back to work meeting with product managers to learn about an assortment of recent Brightspot projects with clients such as Playbill, Healthgrades, Food Network, and Igniteble. As the product managers presented, each kid was challenged to come up with an idea on how they could make our work even better.

Following these presentations, the group broke into teams of 3 and competed in a scavenger hunt. Racing around the office and surfing the internet, the kids continued to learn about Brightspot. Scoring 27 out of 30 points, Dani, Ashley, and Ben emerged victorious and claimed their iTunes gift card prize!

As their day wound to a close, the children tried on their hat as photojournalists publishing photo galleries that told the story of their day at Brightspot. This project gave them the opportunity to use Brightspot and a chance to show off everything they learned. After presenting their galleries to their parents and other Brightspot employees, each child received an internship offer to join Brightspot the summer after their 16th birthday.


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