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Work that matters: Special Olympics Center for Inclusive Health aims to make healthcare work for everyone with relaunched site

Center for Inclusive Health website

Giving back to the community is core to the mission at Brightspot and is perhaps most clearly demonstrated by our long-standing partnership with Special Olympics.

As a continuation of our commitment to supporting the organization’s goal to build a more inclusive world, we recently assisted in the redesign of the Center for Inclusive Health, giving the site a new look and feel, an updated taxonomy and tools to engage its audience.

The Center for Inclusive Health’s goal is to advance structural change within the health community and positively impact how people with intellectual disabilities are treated.

People who are not close to someone with an intellectual disability (ID) are often not aware of the very real barriers they experience and how those hurdles contribute to a shorter life expectancy, less access to quality care and higher rates of preventable diseases. Those with an intellectual disability often live with a lower income, have limited access to transportation and struggle to communicate effectively. The seemingly simple task of setting up a doctor’s appointment and communicating symptoms can be a difficult process, with countless obstacles that stand in the way of receiving a proper diagnosis and treatment.

The Center for Inclusive Health takes a holistic approach to improving how doctors and other healthcare professionals interact with people with ID through every step of the process. That includes everything from setting up appointments, to knowing how to ask the patient for symptoms and effectively communicating the diagnosis and treatment.

From the outset, Brightspot worked side by side with Special Olympics to launch a site that educates people about the importance of inclusive health. Not just a technical integrator but a true partner, we worked closely to understand and help shape their content plan, hit goals and overcome obstacles. We helped organize and optimize their taxonomy and provided solutions that leverage existing Brightspot technology and integrations.

As the team doesn’t have a full-time staff dedicated to producing and publishing content, having an easy-to-use platform is essential. Brightspot’s user-friendly content management tools empower non-technical editors to expand the site’s resource library as case studies and best practices are submitted by external contributors.

With any relaunch, having a trusted partner is key to attaining the right solution within the right time frame. The strength of our long-standing partnership coupled with Brightspot’s efficiencies and flexibility took the stress out of what could have been a lengthy and expensive venture.

Brightspot is proud to continue our legacy of supporting the important strides Special Olympics makes for people with intellectual disabilities worldwide. We are committed to constantly evolving Brightspot to suit—and exceed—every need.


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