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World Games: Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort

Korea 2013 - Alpensia Resort

Alpensia resort is our home base for the week. The snow is deep, it's cold and beautiful.  Our Perfect Sense jackets are perfect for this trip!  We started our volunteer week early this morning.

Korea 2013 - Alpensia Resort 2

After helping out in the morning with planning for the opening ceremony, we headed off to the Dome Stadium.  We ran through the logistics and saw where we will be helping facilitate the athletes marching in for opening ceremonies.

On our way, we passed many facilities that will be used by the athletes.  They will be using special Igloo buildings to prepare for events. The photograph below is near the Snow Shoe event. You rarely see people outside. Everyone is trying to stay indoors as much as possible, with the temperature so bitterly cold.

We passed the Ski Jump, which towers over the whole town. Cecily brought her ski helmet, but isn’t excited about trying a ski jump, sticking with Alpine Skiing might be the right plan.

Korea 2013 - Ski Jump Tower

Unfortunately there were no photographs allowed inside the Dome itself, while the rehearsal is underway. We will try to get some pictures during the actual opening ceremonies. Once we put together the final plan for organizing the parade, we ran it past the GOC (Games Organizing Committee), who gave us their final approval. 

Tomorrow we start early, staffing the arrival table in the hotel lobby, and continuing to finalize the details around the opening ceremonies. It's exciting to see all the final preparations coming together in the town, with hundreds of volunteers all over the place, shoveling snow, setting up cross country ski courses and helping people here for the games get around town.


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