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World Games: Final Countdown

Korea 2013 - Andrew Working

Today, the PSD team divided to conquer multiple tasks to prepare for Tuesday's Opening Ceremonies.

Andrew began helping the SOI team right away by organizing transportation for guests arriving at ICN International Airport again. His native Korean roots came in handy as he coordinated buses to and from the Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort.

Caitlin has also been a huge asset to the SOI guest team. She has been focusing on scheduling, predominately for the All Star Fans. She has been working non-stop since she arrived on the 23rd and has continued even when feeling under the weather!

Korea 2013 - Opening Ceremony Letters

Karl and Jenny started the day by finishing up the design and content for the All Star Fans' letters, which provide important information regarding their Opening Ceremony itineraries. The ASF's are assigned to athlete delegations, and march with their delegation in the Parade of Athletes. In order to keep the march organized and timely, the ASF's have been assigned to color coded waves. Karl was able to quickly export the letter data from excel into Jenny’s template, saving our team a lot of hassle in creating 150 documents!

Holly and Cecily traveled over to the Yongpyong Dome to meet with the SOI staff and coordinate some of the ceremony logistics. They were able to map out how our whole PSD team would be able to facilitate the flow of the ASF's within the dome, as they join with their delegation of athletes to march in the parade.

Korea 2013 - Holly and Cecily

Meanwhile, Karl and Jenny manned the Opening Ceremonies section of the Welcome Center table in the Intercontinental Hotel. Holly and Cecily joined after returning from the dome. We catered to arriving ASF guests, and provided opening ceremony information to those walking in the parade. We caught quick glances of some of the cool VIPs attending the ceremonies!

We ended the day with the team driving over to the dome to go over last minutes details for the ceremony. Holly and Karl got to experience driving on snowy Korean roads. Here's to hoping that all the practice and preparation means everything goes well tomorrow!