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World Games: Opening Ceremony Day

Korea 2013 - ASF Table

After a late night of planning, we started the day early again to finalize our preparations for integrating the All Star Fans in the Parade of Athletes at the Opening Ceremony. From 8am to 2:30pm, we manned the table in the Welcome Center, handing out invitations and tickets and providing instructions to the All Star Fans and their Relationship Managers.

Holly was on the phone all morning! She also made a quick trip over to the Dome to check on preparations there and meet with the GOC to coordinate seating and buses. She was even able to track down some official blue, white and silver staff jackets for us to wear so we would be visible while working at the reception and ceremony. Jenny got to work designing and printing more signs and maps, and making a final run to the Convention Center to check on preparations for the pre-ceremony Reception. Cecily and Karl worked at the table and made phone calls to Relationship Managers to provide them with information on the Presidential Meet & Greet which was happening during the parade. Andrew remained as busy as ever, making travel arrangements for the big group of guests arriving on Opening Day.

Korea 2013 - Opening Ceremony Reception

At 2:30, we sprinted over to the Convention Center for the Reception, carrying boxes of rosette pins to be handed out to the ASFs. We quickly set up a table and began greeting the guests. Caitlin and Andrew joined us, and from there we boarded buses along with the guests to go to the Dome.

Korea 2013 - Dome at Night

Upon our arrival at the Dome, we cleared security and each ran to our assigned positions to guide the All Star Fans through the parade. We called them out of their seats in three waves, identified by gold, purple and green, and led them backstage where they met with their respective team delegations. The excitement was contagious! It was so much fun to see the teams running and chanting through the hall. The ASFs, including some celebrities such as Cindy McCain, Dikembe Mutombo, Yao Ming, were just as excited as the athletes.

Korea 2013 - Ceremony Crowd

At the conclusion of the Parade of Athletes, we ran to our next assignment of escorting a select group of individual athletes from their seats to backstage for participation in the ceremony as flag bearers and torch runners. With very little preparation, Caitlin and Andrew jumped right in and were a tremendous help.

Korea 2013 - Flame

At the end of the ceremony we facilitated the bus transportation back to the Alpensia Resort. We were all completely exhausted after a long, very busy and stressful day. Looking forward to the events beginning tomorrow! We're planning to join the Floor Ball Unified Sports Experience in the morning and hope to watch some events in the afternoon.


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