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YMCA Kids Wow the Judges at 2018 Thingamajig Invention Convention

2018 Thingamajig Lead

For the fourth year, Brightspot continued its support of the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington's biggest event of the summer, the Thingamajig Invention Convention, by providing 25 brand new bicycles as grand prizes and 10 employees to volunteer as judges.

The event, now in its 24th year, welcomes thousands of children from around the metro area for a day filled with STEAM workshops that challenge children to "utilize their creativity and strategic thinking skills." In addition to the hands-on learning experiences, hundreds of children compete in an invention competition across a range of categories using recyclable materials. Similar to previous years, the Brightspot judges left the event inspired by the creativity and compassion on display.

Inventions on display at the 2018 YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention
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Inventions on display
2018 YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention
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Inventions on display
2018 YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention
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Inventions on display
2018 YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention
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Inventions on display
2018 YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention
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Inventions on display
2018 YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention
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Inventions on display
2018 YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention
1  of  6
Inventions on display
2018 YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention
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Continue reading to learn more about some of our judges' favorite inventions from various categories:

iCanPlay - Design a amazing play space, game or toy that allows everyone to have fun and to be safe.

  • Stop Bullying Board Game: Talking with the inventor, she wanted to create a game that would help teach children good character by using real-life scenarios to help them think how they would respond. To win the game, players would learn how to stand up to bullies and be an advocate for their peers. It was an awesome idea and the questions she asked were very thought provoking.

App to Make to it Better - Come up with an app that can solve a problem you find at home, at school or at camp.

  • Chore Randomizer - The young man I spoke with always hated getting stuck with the same awful chores every week. To fix this problem he created a chore randomizer app that parents and children could use to mix up the weekly tasks. By adding a list of chores and and a list of names, users could spin the wheel and see who was cleaning dishes and who was taking out the trash that week. It definitely would help make our house a little more peaceful!
  • Book to Movie App - How many times have you finished a book and thought, "I wish I could see this story as a movie?" This app was a really cool idea that would allow people to upload a book to the app and watch it turn it into a movie.

Incredible Robots - Design an amazing robot that performs a task that helps to make the world better.

  • Grocery Shopper - There are few things more frustrating than blindly wandering the aisles of a grocery store unable to find that one random item on your shopping list. The Grocery Shopper robot eliminates that frustration. When you get to the grocery story you, just hand the robot your shopping list and the robot will go through the aisles and do your shopping for you, helping save time and money.

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