AWS Elemental

AWS Elemental is a cloud and on-premises video processing, storage and monetization platform. AWS Elemental was designed to be an affordable alternative to OVPs while still improving three key areas of video workflow: content creation, flexibility and revenue generation.

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Brightspot & Elemental

Brightspot puts the power of AWS Elemental at your fingertips by embedding it within your CMS environment. Video upload, editing, live streaming and publishing can all be achieved without ever leaving the CMS. Brightspot builds on many of Elemental’s core competencies to offer an expanded suite of capabilities

While Brightspot integrates with all of the major OVP’s, our integration with Elemental offers unique benefits to empower publishers and media companies to deliver more video at scale, and faster.

If you're looking to reduce your spend on video distribution, get access to the latest editing features and support multiple channels without managing multiple relationships, Brightspot and Elemental are the future.


Potential Use Cases

  • Upload a video and have it optimized to playback on multiple devices from an iPhone to Apple TV for your audience.
  • Clip the video shorter or clip different segments of the video to create a new video.
  • Adjust the brightness or contrast of a video and add add image overlay to help brand your content.
  • Start or stop a livestream and configure your livestream channel for just-in-time packaging features.
  • Stitch your ads at server-side level for more secure advertisements and to battle rise of ad blockers.
AWS Integrations

Everything you need to know about Brightspot is in our product catalog—100+ pages of in-depth detail.