Inside Brightspot: Understanding the Search Actions Pane

The Whys

Each week, our Vice President of Product shares an email with the company that’s filled with the background story on why Brightspot’s features are the way they are. It’s not just how Brightspot works but why its features were engineered the way they were. Not one to keep secrets, we’re sharing her insights with you here, in a weekly column called “The Whys.” From creating vanity URLs to knowing the difference between a document and an attachment, these posts answer the questions anyone who publishes digital content has likely pondered.

I’ve covered the Search Results Pane and Search Filtering in my previous updates, but I’m not finished yet. Last, but definitely not least, I want to talk about the righthand column of search: the search actions pane.

Brightspot Search Part 3: Actions

When you first open Brightspot search, the default options are:

  • Fullscreen: Clicking this button delivers you to an exclusive, search-only permalink, instead of the overlay.
  • Save Search: This should be familiar; it’s how you add a Saved Search over on the left.
  • New Workstream: This allows you to cover a Workstream.

Once you've refined by a specific content type, the options you see in the search actions pane start to change, becoming actions that are relevant to that content type, including:

  • Bulk Edit All: This allows you to bulk edit all the items you've selected (assuming a user has permission to bulk edit the selected content type).
  • Bulk Archive All: Here you can bulk archive all the items you've selected (assuming a user has permission to bulk archive the selected content type).
  • Watch: This lets you "watch" all the items you've selected.
  • Create a New Gallery: Just like magic, this allows you to create a gallery from your current selection. (Available on media content types.)
  • Share: This enables you to share your current selection. (Available on media content types.)
  • Download: Here you can download your current selection. (Available on media content types.)
  • Export All: This lets you export your current selection (including all the Custom Fields you may have added) to .csv for further sharing and data sorting/filtering.

Ok, that covers it for Search in Brightspot!

About the Author
Meredith Rodkey is VP of Platform Product Management & Solutions at Perfect Sense. She has focused on product management for nearly 10 years, contributing to major Brightspot engagements from U.S. News & World Report to Source Media and Healthgrades. In her previous life, Meredith worked as a homepage editor and writer for, curating a daily experience for millions of users.
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