Brightspot back-end training webinar

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Brightspot back-end training webinar

Looking to learn more about data modeling and back-end development using Brightspot? Start with this training, led by our world-class team of experts.

Back-end Required Reading

Learn more about Dari the framework that provides the data modeling and access features leveraged by Brightspot for Headless or Traditional CMS implementations.
A typical content model specifies, for each type of content, the associated fields, field types, which of those fields are required, and callbacks from events.
Find out more about using Brightspot to power your Headless CMS or Traditional CMS. Either way, Brightspot help you deliver.
Find out how you can integrate with any third-party system on the back-end for deep integrations with data in the publishing experience.
Find all of the documentation for creating, publishing, developing, and administering Brightspot and Brightspot applications.

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