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Brightspot Media Desk

Manage and access all of your digital assets easily with Brightspot Media Desk, a powerful and modern digital asset management platform with federated search, workflow and editing tools all in one place.
Media Desk was built on top of a powerful search engine, making finding, editing, and creating content as easy as it gets.

  • Discover and import images from Getty, AP, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and more—without ever leaving Brightspot.
  • Find assets from YouTube, Vimeo or another video library, and import directly into Brightspot.
  • Reduce context switching and access files from Google Drive, Slack, Box, Dropbox, Media Desk or your native DAM from Brightspot.
Integration with powerful AI & ML tools from Amazon enable intelligent management for a variety of asset types: images, audios, PDFs, videos and more. Objects, people, text and activities are automatically recognized and tagged for easy access.

  • Leverage machine-learning power of Amazon Comprehend to add automatic tags to assets.
  • Brightspot supports image editing, color correction and cropping—and with all edits non-destructive to the original.
  • Next-gen video editing and publishing tools includes transcription capabilities for video and audio assets.
Media Desk offers single sign-on and authentication options, giving users the ability to share to thousands of licensed sites, and customize how users receive content alerts.

  • Use a social integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google supported) or a single sign-on integration like SAML or Okta for your front-end or CMS authentication.
  • Publish to and from any external service via our API-first solution, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and more.
  • In-built collaboration and workflow tools plus notification features to streamline review and publishing efficiency.
Media Desk's robust admin system supports multi-faceted permissions for all users, streamlined image-editing tools, and customized analytics dashboards.

  • Create custom roles that set site, tool and content-level permissions, then apply them to users.
  • Set dashboards based on role, site or user, and include any of our flexible, robust widgets.
  • Easily track asset usage, creation and engagement—all from the same dashboard.
Media Desk digital asset management solution helps you create and maintain a brand portal. Manage access and permissions based on roles.

  • Media Desk unifies and consolidates media libraries in real-time.
  • Bring your taxonomy to life with AI to make all your important assets and documents discoverable.
  • Maintains DRM and licensing directly in the solution, plus provides usage safeguards with granular roles and permissions settings.

Media Desk Resources

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