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Image & Asset Management

Integration with powerful AI & ML tools from Amazon enable intelligent management for a variety of asset types: images, audios, PDFs, videos and more. Objects, people, text and activities are automatically recognized and tagged for easy access.

Learn how Brightspot makes it easy to create, upload, edit and manage media assets within the CMS.
Learn how Brightspot makes it easy to create, upload, edit and manage media assets within the CMS.
Video editing and publishing
Our next-gen video editing and publishing tools include transcription capabilities for video and audio assets.
Brightspot treats images as a first-class asset, with a rich data model including captions, credits and source metadata extraction.

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Video Companion
This powerful integration enables faster uploading, editing, monetizing and sharing of videos with a streamlined workflow—all within the CMS.
The upload widget helps you easily add multiple images, videos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, audio files and more.
A robust digital asset management (DAM) solution will bring order to the creative process, create a consistent brand narrative and support stronger collaboration.

Top image and video integrations

With the Amazon Elemental plugin, you can easily convert and edit videos that you uploaded to Brightspot, providing a personalized experience for your visitors.
The Brightspot platform was designed to be extensible, and our image and video capabilities are no exception. We support all the major OVP providers including Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura and others, plus can build custom connections to your proprietary systems.

All Brightspot Features

Brightspot CMS is built by publishers and developers, and is designed to grow with your business.
A robust set of tools to manage sites, content, users and permissions, workflows, languages, and analytics.
Keyword-driven and comprehensive, filterable search and taxonomy features make folders a thing of the past.
Intuitive and designed for the work, including rich-text editing and collaboration features that make teamwork work.
Start publishing content rapidly thanks to built-in, extensible content types including text assets, media, pages and much more.
Drive deeper engagement and personalized experiences by leveraging authentication, profiling, segmentation and affinity features.
Built to be a bridge to all your systems and data, start with one of the 70 plug-and-play integrations, or build your own custom integration.
Meet users where they are thanks to syndication and distribution tools like RSS, sitemaps, SEO tools, social publishing and translation support.
Front-end agnostic means businesses can publish how they want—headless or decoupled—all from the same environment.

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Brightspot CMS and the world-class team behind it solve unique business challenges without compromise.
Deploy a ready-to-build version of Brightspot that lets you launch your own dynamic digital experiences at astonishing speed.
With Brightspot's flexible architecture, you can go headless to power an API-first design, use our front-end framework—or do both.
Manage and access all of your digital assets easily with Brightspot Media Desk, a powerful and modern digital asset management platform.

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