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Brightspot Ops Desk

Brightspot is proud to introduce its newly launched cloud management product, Brightspot Ops Desk. Enable your operations team to manage all of your cloud resources and tools easily with Ops Desk, a flexible development operations tool that allows you to make sense of your cloud's events and instances.

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Brightspot launched Ops Desk to give operations teams a way to bring all of their cloud resources, events and incidents into one single location. Ops Desk allows cloud teams to connect the dots and draw connections that would otherwise be missed.
Adobe Experience Manager vs. Brightspot: Brightspot company logo
By Brightspot Staff
June 01, 2020
Filters and quick search capabilities make it easy for operations teams to identify triggering activities and problem areas within respective cloud resources, leading to quicker action and less downtime.

Adobe Experience Manager vs. Brightspot: Brightspot company logo
By Brightspot Staff
June 01, 2020
Ops Desk lets cloud teams add metadata tags to issues, helping them retain institutional knowledge, recognize patterns and improve overall cloud operations.

Adobe Experience Manager vs. Brightspot: Brightspot company logo
By Brightspot Staff
June 01, 2020

Optimize your existing cloud toolbox

Brightspot Ops Desk integrates with best-in-class services to help teams get the most out of the tools they already use.
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Brightspot Ops Desk Use Cases

We support organizations in their need to understand what is happening within their cloud.
Icon of Ops Desk incident review screen
Incident Review
Review all incidents that come through the cloud, define the root cause, along with who or what caused the incident.
Icon of a full view of your cloud resources
Full View of Cloud Resources
Centrally catalog all of the organization's cloud resources to help get a complete understanding of cloud resources.
Icon of Track Cloud Activites
Track Cloud Activities
Integrate with industry leading tools to see the events that happen within the cloud.
Icon of User and Role Management
User and Role Control
Administer users and roles at a granular level to make sure the right people have access to what they need.
Icon of high powered search
High Powered Search
Increase efficiencies across the entire team with tools to search by keyword, date or metadata to quickly find the desired cloud resource.
Icon of Visualize Cloud Activity
Visualize Cloud Activity
Ops Desk's charts and modules help cloud teams quickly identify areas of concern and answer questions for their stakeholders.

Brightspot Ops Desk Documentation

Browse our resource library for all the documentation you need to take full advantage of Ops Desk's powerful suite of tools and capabilities.
Single pane of glass for all the happenings within your cloud infrastructure.
Organize your cloud resources including instances, events and incidents into projects.
Pull-in events from Pingdom, PagerDuty and more to see all of your cloud resources in one place.
View all your network elements from the cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure.
Ensure each team member sees the right information about your cloud.
Bring all of your company's cloud data into one location through integrations.

What's going on with Ops Desk

Trust us when we say that these are the features that cloud teams will absolutely love when using Ops Desk. Why? Because these are the same tools that our own teams use daily while managing, troubleshooting and reporting across our own network of customer instances and cloud-hosting environments.
From common challenges in multi-cloud management to the tools engineers need when selecting a cloud-management platform solution, everything you need to know about multi-cloud management platforms
Multicloud refers to the use of multiple public cloud computing services in a single architecture. Depending on your needs, multicloud presents pros and cons for your organization's IT infrastructure.
As cloud resources grow, IT organizations need an efficient way to perform operations and manage cloud resources. This can prove challenging since the number of potential issues you must identify and solve grows at the same pace.

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