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The challenge

Arizent faced a common dilemma in today’s digital-first world: being held back by an ineffective network of legacy content management systems. Up until 2017, the company had used 17 content management systems to operate all of its sites, including flagship publications American Banker, Financial Planning, and Accounting Today.

To enable deeper engagement among professional communities, Arizent's tech-savvy team sought a Content Business Platform with a scalable, customizable open framework that would provide them with full control while unifying all brands under a common codebase. They required a multisite, single authoring tool that would improve the editorial experience, the mobile user experience, and native advertising integrations across all properties.

Brightspot is the lego set of the CMS world and with it we have the power and flexibility to customize any part of the system to suit our exact needs.

The Brightspot solution

With a modern Content Business Platform, Arizent was able to redeploy all of its digital properties—including flagship publications American Banker, Financial Planning, and Accounting Today—onto one platform with a single authoring point.

Brightspot empowers Arizent to:

  • Manage all brand sites through one content platform with a single authoring point under a common, unified codebase.
  • Take ownership of the platform with a flexible, open-development framework that the in-house development team could learn and continue to develop independently.
  • Customize the admin experience, making it easier for the editorial team to manage millions of assets and publish, share, and integrate high-value content quickly.
  • Streamline mobile integration and increase revenue opportunities by enabling users to purchase content via mobile and advertisers to target mobile readers.
  • Diversify digital revenue by creating content packages for purchase and integrating native advertising into the content of each site.
  • Create a unique content access feature for federal office customers, giving them access to pre-purchased content that’s delivered to a recognized customer’s IP range.
  • Organize conference microsites using customizable templates with drag-and-drop features that standardize and simplify the process to speed up launch times.
Scalable Content Management System Example

The Brightspot impact

Arizent unified 25 different sites with one state-of-the-art Content Business Platform, enabling deeper engagement among its professional communities, unlocking new growth and development opportunities and garnering six awards for innovation and leadership in the B2B industry.


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All Brightspot Features

The Brightspot Content Business Platform is built by publishers and developers, and is designed to grow with your business.
A robust set of tools to manage sites, content, users and permissions, workflows, languages, and analytics.
Keyword-driven and comprehensive, filterable search and taxonomy features make folders a thing of the past.
Intuitive and designed for the work, including rich-text editing, embeds, plus collaboration features that make teamwork work.
Start publishing content rapidly thanks to built-in, extensible content types including text assets, media, pages and much more.
Drive deeper engagement and personalized experiences by leveraging authentication, profiling, segmentation and affinity features.
Built to be a bridge to your systems and all your data, start with one of the 70 plug-and-play integrations, or build any custom integration to meet your business needs.
Meet users where they are thanks to syndication and distribution tools like RSS, sitemaps, SEO tools, social publishing and translation support.
Front-end agnostic means content businesses can publish how they want - headless with GraphQL or decoupled - all from the same environment.
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