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Integration Spotlight: Google Cloud Vision API

Improve editorial efficiency and deliver the best, most relevant visual content to readers through an integration with Google Cloud's powerful machine-learning and image-recognition capabilities.

Brightspot's Google Cloud Vision integration uses machine-learning and AI to automatically identify labels, text, landmarks, logos as well as detect any inappropriate content for image assets available within the CMS.

Google Cloud Vision and Brightspot: How it works

Using the Google Cloud Vision API, Brightspot will automatically tag an image asset based on the following:

  • Labels
  • Text
  • Landmarks
  • Logos
  • Moderation labels (i.e. explicit content)

Google Cloud Vision and Brightspot: Use cases

  • Your editorial team is looking for images within Brightspot to support a news article about the effects of climate change. By searching "weather," find any image that was previously uploaded into the CMS and tagged with the keyword in its metadata without having to manually add the tags.
  • You are a photo editor looking for photos to include in an article about house renovations. Search for "kitchen renovation" to find any photos were taken in a kitchen and apply to interior decoration.
  • You are a reporter who wants to write an article about Starbucks' most recent quarterly earnings call. Search “Starbucks” to find any pictures that were taken at or near Starbucks coffee shops. Google Vision will have recognized the Starbucks logo from the store signage.
  • Your marketing teams needs a way to locate and update details about the company CEO following a recent organizational change. With Google Cloud Vision API, easily search for any text in company presentations, PDFs and brochures that reference the previous CEO's name.
  • You want to make sure the content you are uploading is appropriate for your target demographic. Google Vision detects explicit or suggestive content and allows or rejects images based on a calculated confidence score. Rejected images send a notification for review and accepted images will be uploaded.

Google Cloud Vision integration notes:

  • Access to the Vision API requires Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project and service account credentials.
  • The Google Cloud Vision API integration is configured in the global Sites & Settings area of the CMS; this setup is performed by site administrators.

The Google Cloud Vision integration is available to customers running Brightspot version 4.5 and above.


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