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How Thrivent Financial transformed its digital offering and content delivery with a decoupled CMS

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Thrivent faced challenges with its various internally-developed content management systems, which prompted the adoption of a modern and secure CMS solution from Brightspot. The result? Better customer experiences, improved brand consistency, greater control over the organization's internal content processes, flexibility to publish without developer support—and more. Find out here how Brightspot helped the financial-services organization transform its digital approach.

The Thrivent challenge

Thrivent, a non-profit financial services organization, is one of the largest member-owned groups of its kind in the United States. However, its use of various and often internally-developed content management systems was creating challenges over time. The company wanted to eliminate the need for developer assistance for editorial changes and site adjustments. It also needed a faster, more streamlined approach for content delivery and microsite creation.

To achieve this goal, Thrivent sought to adopt a modern and secure enterprise-grade CMS, providing its content experts with a broad array of tools to concentrate on crafting web pages and delivering superior user experiences. After careful evaluation, the company identified Brightspot as the ideal partner to fulfill its requirements.

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The Brightspot solution for Thrivent

Thrivent recognized the necessity of a centralized publishing model, accompanied by stringent process and brand-management tools and a range of robust controls for auditing and security. This was essential since the organization disseminates a diverse range of content, including local services and dedicated microsites, involving varying levels of personalization related to its financial offerings for members. Additionally, seamless content syndication and micro-experiences to native mobile and web application environments were crucial.

To fulfill these requirements, Thrivent identified a decoupled CMS approach as the best solution to deliver on the vision of its impactful new corporate identity. With the ability to modify the site theme and style guide from within the CMS, Thrivent could bring its new digital vision to the market quickly, secure in the knowledge that its team could manage development and updates from the same platform.

Following the launch of its new site, Thrivent realized the benefits of better customer experience and consistency through the digital experience. Meanwhile, CMS users could move quickly and make necessary publishing and site updates without resorting to developer resources.

The outcome for Thrivent

Thrivent required a reliable, secure and informative corporate site to tell its brand story and showcase its portfolio of products and services. Internally, the organization promptly embraced the Brightspot platform and its in-house content team customized and extended modules to meet the unique requirements of the century-old banking institution.

By adopting Brightspot, more Thrivent colleagues were empowered to participate in content creation and publishing, enriching member offerings by sharing additional insights and expertise. Today, Thrivent enjoys a speedier time to market for site publishing and microsite creation, better customer experiences and consistency across the board and complete control over its content processes after looking to transform its corporate marketing approach with a modern, secure and user-friendly CMS.

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