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Configuring Google Ad Manager

Complete this procedure only if using Google Ad Manager as your ad provider.

To configure Google Ad Manager:

  1. In your Google console, generate a script for ad tags.
  2. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings.
  3. In the Sites widget, select the site for which you want to configure Google Ad Manager, or select Global to configure Ad Manager for all sites.
  4. Under Front-End, expand Google DFP.

    Google DFP window sizes

  5. In the DFP Tag Import field, copy the script you generated in step 1.
  6. Configure window sizes by doing the following:

    1. Under Window Sizes, click add_circle_outline. A form appears.
    2. In the Width and Height fields, enter values for the window’s minimum width and height in pixels. (You use this size when you configure an Ad Manager feed as described in Configure an ad feed.)
    3. Repeat steps a–b to configure more window sizes.
  7. Click Save.
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