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Incorporating Marketo forms

The following procedure describes how to incorporate a Marketo form into your site.

To incorporate a Marketo form:

  1. Create or open the asset to which you want to add a Marketo form.
  2. Toward the right of the widget, select more_horiz > Overrides. A widget appears.
  3. Expand Layout Overrides. Drop-down lists Above, Aside, and Below appear for the module’s position. For an illustration of these positions, see the diagram in Modules.
  4. From one of the drop-down lists, select Replace. For an explanation of the possible selections for module placement, see Setting the site layout.
  5. Click add_circle_outline, and select Third Party Form. A form appears.
  6. From the Provider list, select Marketo.
  7. From the Marketo Form list, select the required form. (Brightspot ingests forms from Marketo every hour on the hour, so the form you need may not be immediately available.)
  8. In the Title field, enter a title. (If you do not enter a title, Brightspot uses the title in the Marketo form.)
  9. In the Description field, enter a description for the form.
  10. Leave the Items and Actions fields blank. Brightspot populates them from the Marketo form.

    If an editor adds an item or action to the form that does not exist in Marketo, Brightspot does not send that value to Marketo, even if it appears as such. Please ensure that any items you place into these fields exist in Marketo before publishing the form.

  11. In the Success Message field, design a message that appears when Brightspot successfully ingests the form’s data.
  12. In the Error message field, design a message that appears when Brightspot cannot successfully ingest the form’s data.
  13. Complete your site’s workflow, and publish the form.

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