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Integrating Amazon Translate with Brightspot

This topic covets how to integrate Amazon Translate with Brightspot.

To integrate Amazon Translate with Brightspot:

  1. Obtain the following from your AWS console:

    • The input bucket (Brightspot pushes files to be translated to this bucket.)
    • The output bucket (Brightspot retrieves completed translations from this bucket.)
    • Translation role ARN (This role has access to the input/output buckets as well as the AWS Translate service.)
    • AWS region
  2. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings > Global. The Edit Global widget appears.
  3. Under Main, expand AWS Translation.
  4. In the Input BucketOutput BucketTranslation Role ARN, and AWS Region fields, enter the values you obtained in step 1.
  5. In the Task Host field, enter the Brightspot task that monitors translation progress.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Continue with the following steps:

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