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Submitting an image or video to Amazon Rekognition

You can use Amazon’s Rekognition service for associating relevant search terms to images or videos you upload to Brightspot.

To submit an image or video to Amazon Rekognition:

  1. Create a new image or video.
  2. Toward the right of the content edit form, select more_horiz> Metadata, and review the analysis returned from Rekognition.

AWS Rekognition sample.jpeg
Image submitted to a recognition service provider
AWS Rekognition labels.png
Result from Amazon Rekognition

When editors search for keywords in the search panel related to the image, Brightspot includes the submitted image or video in the search results. Referring to the previous example, if an editor searches for Cat Manx in the search panel, Brightspot includes the above image in the search results.

If your connection to Amazon Video Rekognition is configured to group results by time frame, Brightspot groups the video recognition results accordingly.

AWS Rekognition metadata.png
AWS Rekognition metadata

Video recognition results grouped by time frame

Referring to the previous illustration, within the interval 45 seconds to 1 minute, Rekognition detected a ball, water, a heart, and a play area in the video.

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