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Configuring global theme overrides

When you install a new or updated theme, you can override any of its settings, such as color and typeface.

To configure global theme overrides:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Themes.
  2. Under Themes, click the theme to which you want to apply overrides.
  3. Under Overrides, make selections for the theme’s overrides. (The initial or default values in the Overrides tab are from the theme.)
  4. Click Save.

Brightspot applies your overrides to published content.

The colors used for different components of a published page are very much at the theme designer’s discretion. The following illustration is an example of how some colors are used in Brightspot’s Falcon theme. Regardless, consult with your theme’s designer to determine which colors to override in your site’s published content.

Theme overrides example.png
Example showing theme overrides

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