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The Brightcove plugin provides access to videos that you manage with the Brightcove online video provider. You can modify content that originated in Brightcove, such as headline, and add new content to those video items.

The plugin requires a Brightcove Video Cloud account. See Getting Started with Video Cloud Studio.

When you create a Brightcove account, record your account ID, player ID, client ID, and client secret. You will need these values when you configure the Brightcove plugin.

Configuring Brightcove for federated search

You can perform federated searches for videos in your Brightcove Video Cloud account. If you have multiple Brightcove accounts and Brightspot sites, you can restrict an individual Brightspot site’s federated search to a specific Brightspot account.

To configure federated search for videos in Brightcove:

  1. For each Brightcove account you want to configure for federated search, obtain the account’s ID, player ID, client ID, and client secret.
  2. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings > Sites > Global. The Edit Global widget appears.
  3. Under Integrations, expand Brightcove.
  4. In the Global Import Frequency field, enter the number of minutes after which Brightspot imports videos added to Brightcove. The default is one minute.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To restrict a Brightspot site’s federated search to an individual Brightcove account, do the following (otherwise skip to step 8):

    1. In the Sites widget, select the site for which you want to configure federated search.
    2. Under Main, expand Brightcove.
  7. Under Settings, click Create New. A content edit form appears for entering the Brightcove settings.
  8. In the Internal Name field, enter a name for this setting. Brightspot uses this name in widgets such as the content picker.
  9. Under Credentials, enter the credentials from step 1.
  10. Expand Import, and make the following settings:

    • Task Host Name: The IP or domain name of the Brightspot host to import video from Brightcove.
    • Ingestion Run Record: Read-only field recording the times when the importer last checked for new videos in Brightcove, and when the importer last ingested a video into Brightspot.
    • Import Enabled: If enabled, Brightspot imports videos from your Brightcove account that were not previously imported from Brightcove. If importing Brightcove videos for the first time, turn this field on.
    • Full Import Enabled: If enabled, imports all videos to Brightspot that reside on Brightcove, including videos that were previously imported into Brightspot. This field is ignored if the Import Enabled field is turned off.
    • Import User: If set, Brightspot records the user who initiates the import from Brightcove.
  11. Under Miscellaneous, set Debug Enabled if you want to log the full activity between Brightspot and Brightcove.
  12. Under Export, set Export Allowed if you want to export metadata set in Brightspot to videos in your Brightcove account.
  13. Click Save, then click Back. You return to the content picker with your Brightcove account ID listed.
  14. Select the Brightcove settings, and close the content picker. You return to the Edit Global or Edit Site widget.
  15. Click Save.

Searching for a Brightcove video

To search for a Brightcove video:

  1. Open the search panel.
  2. Set the content types filter to Video.
  3. Set the provider filter to Brightcove.
    Searching for a Brightcove video

Brightspot lists any matching videos imported from Brightcove.

Modifying a video imported from Brightcove

The content edit page for a Brightcove-imported video includes the content that originated in Brightcove, such as the read-only video ID. In addition, the page includes the Brightcove widget to perform sync operations with Brightcove.

You can change any imported content from Brightcove or add new content. The Brightcove widget provides the following operations:

  • Force Read From Brightcove—Imports metadata from Brightcove to this Brightspot video item. Any changes to video metadata in Brightcove after the video was initially imported to Brightspot are reflected in this video item.
  • Force Write to Brightcove—Exports any new or modified content in the Brightspot video item to the corresponding Brightcove video. This operation is only available if the Export Allowed option is turned on.
  • Force Read Images From Brightcove—Imports the video source file from Brightcove to this Brightspot video item. If the source video file in Brightcove was replaced with a new one, the new source video file is reflected in this video item.