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An asset is in a draft state until it is published. This guide explains how to work with drafts to ensure content is in its best shape before publication.

Creating a draft

The first state of an asset is Draft. You can create multiple drafts for an asset before publication, compare the changes between two drafts, republish an asset based on a previous draft, and merge a later draft into an earlier one.

To create an initial draft:

  1. In the Quick Start widget, click the content type for which you want to create a draft. The content edit form appears.
  2. In the content edit form, start authoring the asset.
  3. In the editorial toolbar, click save.

After you save an initial draft, the content edit page starts tracking information about the asset’s drafts.

Article draft example.png

Referring to the previous illustration—

  • The Revisions widget appears in the content edit page listing the initial and subsequent drafts.
  • The color of the border under the editorial toolbar indicates the asset’s state.
  • The initial draft remains in the content edit form.

Work in progress

As you create or modify an asset in the content edit form, Brightspot continually performs background saves to prevent loss of data. For example, if your browser window closes before you save or publish your latest changes, Brightspot recovers them from the background saves.

Brightspot indicates a background save is complete with a (Work in Progress Saved) message in the editorial toolbar.

Work in progress saved notification.png

When you see the message Clear Changes in the editorial toolbar, you can do one of the following:

  • Click save to save the current content in the content edit form, which includes the background saves.
  • Click Clear Changes to revert the content edit form to the version you last saved or published.
    Clear changes message.png

Creating additional drafts

To create additional drafts:

  1. Search for and open the asset in the content edit page.
  2. In the Revisions widget, select a draft from which you want to create a new one. The draft’s information appears in the editorial toolbar.
    Draft information.png
    1. Modify the asset.
    2. In the editorial toolbar, click save.

    Brightspot saves the new draft, and lists it in the Revisions widget.

    Comparing a draft with the live version

    You can compare a draft to the currently live revision.

    To compare a draft with the live version:

    1. Search for and open the asset in the content edit page.
    2. In the Revisions widget, select the draft that you want to compare with the live version. The draft appears in the content edit form.
    3. Under the editorial toolbar, click Compare to Live.

    Brightspot displays the differences between the selected draft and live version.

    Comparing draft differences.png

    Merging revisions into a workflow

    If you have an asset that is in a workflow, you can update the asset without restarting the workflow. The following scenario provides an example.

    Workflow with new revision

    1. Adam creates a draft, and sends it to the first status in the workflow Fact Checking.
    2. Olivia takes the draft from Fact Checking, makes a few edits, and advances the draft to Proofreading.
    3. The next day, Adam realizes that he needs to update the draft, so he creates a new revision from it. That revision starts from where Olivia ended.
    4. Adam finishes his new revision, and has two choices:
      • Restart the workflow by advancing the revision to Fact Checking.
      • Continue the workflow by keeping the revision in Proofreading.

    To merge a revision into a workflow:

    1. Search for and open the asset in the content edit page.
    2. In the Revisions widget, click Start New Revision. The New Revision widget appears.
      1. Type a name for the revision and click Create. Brightspot adds the new revision in the Revisions widget. The new revision is a copy of the latest draft in the workflow.
      2. Modify and save the revision by clicking save. You can compare the new revision with the currently live version (if any) by clicking Compare to Live.
      3. Click Workflow, and in the Workflow widget, click one of the following:
        • Merge with Draft—Brightspot moves the revision to the latest point in the workflow when the revision started.
        • Send to (first workflow status)—Brightspot moves the revision to the first point in the workflow.
          Workflow widget with revision

        Republishing from draft

        If you need to substantially update a published asset, it may be more efficient to return to a previous draft than to start an entirely new draft.

        When you republish from a previous draft, Brightspot temporarily removes the published asset from your site, and visitors will not be able to view the asset. Visitors will be able to see the asset after you publish the new version.

        How to republish from a draft:

        1. Search for and open the asset in the content edit page.
        2. In the Revisions widget, select one of the versions labeled Draft.
          Revisions Widget Past Drafts.png
        3. Click save. Brightspot creates a new draft in the Revisions widget, and retains the new draft in the content edit form.
        4. Under Edit, modify the asset.
        5. Click Publish.

        Brightspot publishes the new version that visitors now see.