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Employees can have their own page as part of a company directory. Many organizations use such pages to show an employee’s physical location, contact information, and associated department and manager. To organize employees by various categories, you can create employee groups.

Creating an employee

To create an employee:

  1. In the header, click add.
  2. From the Create list, select Employee. A content edit page appears.
  3. Enter text for Name.
  4. Enter additional text for the fields as specified.
  5. Select Shared or One-Off Image under Image, and upload an image.
  6. Under Employee Groups, select an existing option or create a new one.
  7. Using the rich-text editor, enter biographical information for Short Biography and Full Biography.
  8. Complete your site’s workflow and publish the employee.

Creating an employee group

To create an employee group:

  1. On the Employee content edit page, under Employee Groups, click add_circle_outline and select Create New. The New Employee Group content edit page opens.
  2. Enter text for Name.
  3. Complete your site’s workflow and publish the employee group.
  4. Click Back. You return to the Employee content edit page.