Implementing template maps

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Exporting content from Brightspot to InDesign requires mapping Brightspot fields to InDesign tags. Work with your designer to understand the following:

  • Which InDesign documents will be importing content
  • Which Brightspot content types will be imported
  • Which objects in InDesign documents will be receiving content from which Brightspot fields
  • Tag names for those objects

With this understanding, you can model the InDesignDocument and InDesignTag content types that perform the export from Brightspot.

Brightspot provides sample classes and that illustrate mapping between Brightspot fields and InDesign tags. You can find these classes in the directory brightspot/express/poc/src/main/java/brightspot/indesign/. These classes, and any class that maps between Brightspot and InDesign, require understanding the Brightspot classes InDesignDocument and InDesignTag.

In This Guide