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Users create new accounts by submitting registrations. There are two common scenarios for registering accounts:

  • The user submits a registration form with a proposed username and password, and your site verifies the username is not already in use and the password complies with security requirements.
  • The user has a social networking account such as Facebook, and a protocol between your site and the social network manages the registration.

Brightspot supports both scenarios.

Creating a registration form

Users need a form to register with your site. Following the procedure described in Creating a custom form create a registration form. The typical items in a registration form include a username field, a password field, links to register via social network, and a submit button.

Registration Form Example.png
Registration form example

Consult with your site designer regarding the registration form’s appearance and behavior:

  • What fields do you want to include in the registration form?
  • Does the form check if the proposed username is already in use? If so, does it check as the user types the username, or after clicking submit?
  • Are there policies regarding the password, such as length and special characters? If so, does the form check the password’s compliance as the user enters it, or after clicking submit?

Scenarios for approving registrations

Brightspot provides three scenarios for approving new registrations:

  • Administrator Approval—Your site's administrator manually approves or rejects each registration.
  • Email Confirmation—Your site automatically sends to the user an email containing a confirmation link. When the user clicks the confirmation link, your site approves the registration.
  • No Approval Required—Your site automatically approves all registrations without any intervention.

The approval scenario you choose depends on how you want to engage with your users.

Manually approving a registration

Some workflows require a site administrator to manually review and approve new registrations.

To manually approve a registration:

  1. Search for and open the user’s account in the content edit form.
    • In the search panel, filter by the content type User.
  2. In the Authentication widget, from the Status list, select Verified.
  3. Click Save.