Using suggestions

This topic describes how to use Suggestions in Brightspot.

To use Suggestions:

  1. Create, or edit, an article, blog post, image, or gallery.
  2. In the Suggestions widget, expand Add Tags or Add Sections to see the list of suggested tags and sections for your asset.

    If you do not see any tags or sections suggested, click the Refresh Suggestions link. This will populate the Add Tags and Add Sections areas with choices based on your article, blog post, image or gallery.

    These suggestions are based off of the headline, subheadline, and body text for articles and blog posts, while images and galleries use metadata.

    If you don’t see any tags or sections you want in Add Tags or Add Sections, expand Create New to see a list of suggested new tags and sections that can be created. Click one to open the content edit page: to create the suggested tag or section for use with your asset.

    Suggestions widget

  3. Select the tags or sections that you that you want to apply to your asset. As these are chosen, Brightspot grays them out so they can’t be selected again.
  4. Complete your site’s workflow and publish the item.

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