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Brightspot’s Global Channel
Partnerships Program

Build a “Better Together” story with Brightspot and your digital content-delivery expertise.

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About the Program

Brightspot is expanding its Global Channel Partnerships program with a select number of digital partners known for being leaders in deploying content solutions who understand the challenges customers are facing in enabling seamless, intuitive digital experiences.

Brightspot’s CMS empowers partners like never before to solve customers problems with unmatched speed and agility as they deploy complex, global multi-sites that enable cross-functional teams to be highly collaborative and performant across even the most regulated business use cases.

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What differentiates Brightspot’s CMS from others in the space?

Extensible Architecture
Our extensible, headless platform allows customers to be flexible and fast without compromising. Brightspot can extend with a customer’s unique business logic and workflows because it was designed to scale with a business and its content maturity needs. This flexible framework allows customers the freedom to publish how they want—headless or decoupled, or both—all from the same environment.

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Astonishing Speed
Our unique data framework allows for rapid iteration and deployment, allowing our Partners to generate value earlier in their customer engagements. Our out-of-the-box components and content models are relevant to more than 25 use cases, and let customers adopt our technology quickly and transform their digital businesses at speed.

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A Bridge to All Your Systems & Data
Brightspot was designed to be integration-ready, allowing you to integrate, extend, and enhance all your important enterprise information and systems. Partners can streamline processes for their customers by leveraging Brightspot to integrate services directly into even the most complex customer workflows and increase speed-to-market opportunities.

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The Power of Evolved Modular Content 
Brightspot simplifies the authoring and publication of modular content like no other CMS. Brightspot Partners are empowering customers to author their own modular content types that transform seamlessly across all channels and endpoints—even ones they may not have thought of yet. The ease of publishing modular content with Brightspot allows customers to repurpose modular content often, realizing significant time savings while also maintaining more control over the content they push to their digital audiences—no matter the industry.

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