How to Seamlessly Translate Content Within the CMS

How to Seamlessly Translate Content Within the CMS

The Brightspot translation feature was built to provide a quick, intuitive and easy way to send content from Brightspot to be translated through an external translation provider or via manual translation in Brightspot, itself. To begin the translation process, simply select a source piece of published content. Brightspot can support translating from any source locale, so your writers are not limited to writing in English. In just a few clicks, the content you've selected can be instantaneously translated to French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish. An editor can then review the draft translation and make any needed changes before publishing.

In the above demo, a software engineer at Perfect Sense details why the translation feature was built into Brightspot.

As he explains, once you have your source content ready to go in the CMS, the translation process can begin. In the right-hand dropdown menu, simply select the option to “Translate This Article” and fill out a few forms to kick things off. At this point, you’ll select the language(s) into which you’d like to have your content translated. Once you submit the content for translation, the page refreshes, and the Translations tab will indicate the progress of the translation. If machine translation is used, the process can be almost instantaneous. An editor is then able to review the translated work before publishing it.

In conclusion, we know that publishing content in the digital era means talking to a truly global audience. Reaching those audiences in their own language is an essential step in connecting with them in an authentic way. Thanks to Brightspot’s powerful translation feature, you’ll be able to achieve precisely that.

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