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With Getty Images, get access to the world’s most moving content. Bring your brand's story to life and streamline your workflows with access to the Getty Images library right inside of your Brightspot CMS.

Brightspot users can search for and import Getty photos directly from the CMS for use within articles, galleries, and more. Find out more about the Getty Images integration here.

To humanize your brand and truly make a site your own, you need to have access to the highest quality visual assets available. Images are an essential, powerful and indispensable storytelling tool. Audiences are much more likely to engage with and share content that features vibrant imagery. Brightspot has partnered with the world’s leading image providers to ensure you can find the right image for the right story, every time.

Getty Images and Brightspot: How it works

  • Use federated search to find premium images and videos for use throughout your website.
  • Import photos and images from Getty Images within the Brightspot interface.

Getty Images and Brightspot: Use cases

  • A media organization is preparing to publish a news article about a new social media trend. Wanting to use a lead image that tells a story while remaining politically neutral, editors at the organization access the Getty Images library to import photos and plug them directly into the lead module of the page.
  • A pharmaceutical company is building out a campaign about an outreach event to support underprivileged children in certain geographic areas. On an "About the Program" page, this company wants to use images that help illustrate the groups of individuals this campaign is meant to benefit, so they search Getty Images on Brightspot, import pictures and enter them into an approval workflow.
  • A corporate site needs to localize certain parts of their content for a certain geographic location. For this type of modular content, they intend to use vibrant imagery related to the region for which they are localizing content. After a quick Getty Images search in Brightspot, they find the images they need, and distribute them across the content they are drafting

Getty Images and Brightspot: Setup

Setting up Brightspot’s Getty Images federated search integration is easy. In the Sites and Settings section, access the Global Site.

  1. In the Plugins tab, enable the Getty Images plugin
  2. In the Main tab, enter both an API Key and API Secret
Getty Images and Brightspot integration: screenshot of admin dashboard

Getty Images and Brightspot: How to use the Getty Images integration

To import images from Getty Images once enabled, access Brightspot’s Global Search by clicking on the search bar at the top of the interface.

  1. Select Getty Images from the Global Search Filters menu on left
  2. Type in search term in Brightspot Search bar, just like with any other search
  3. Checkmark desired images
  4. In Advanced menu on right, select Bulk Import

You may now use these images, imported directly from the Getty Images library, as you would any other image in Brightspot.

Getty Images and Brightspot integration: screenshot of search results pane

Other Integrations

Brightspot offers a number of other helpful federated search integrations, ensuring organizations will always have exactly the kind of media they need to better engage their audiences. Available integrations include:

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Video Companion
Publish your images in no time with Federated Search


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