Launch in 90 Days on Brightspot
Launch in as Little as 90 Days
Rapidly migrate, develop, integrate and deploy with Brightspot.
Migrate Quickly
With Brightspot, you don't need to complete your migration to begin testing your site. We typically migrate companies off Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Sitecore and homegrown solutions.
Start Migration on Day One
Conduct UAT During Migration Process
Migrate Any Number of Assets
The GraphQL plugin gives you a way to access data stored in your Brightspot instance over HTTP conforming to the GraphQL Specification.
Developed as a result of the insights and experiences gained from launching hundreds of websites for some of the world’s largest companies, Brightspot is an out-of-the-box platform that combines enterprise power with publishing speed. It allows publishers to take their digital experiences to the next level with rapid deployments, a best-in-class UX, the ability to publish to more channels faster and a reduced reliance on your IT department.
Existing Library of Components
Flexible Front-End Themes
Customizable Templates
Scalable Infrastructure
Pre-Built Themes
Brightspot supports multiple front-end approaches, with several pre-built themes created by our design shop, plus a library of third-party themes. Or, bring your own theme and build it using any technology that your organization supports.
Custom and third party themes
Use Your Current Third-Party Theme for Consistency
Choose From the Thousands of Themes for Something Completely Custom
Over 70 Integrations
Google Analytics Icon
Easily add your Google Analytics ID to your site. View data from your Google Analytics account in different visualizations in the Brightspot Analytics dashboard. Out-of-the-box integration.
Brightspot brings the powerful video functionality of Elemental into the user-friendly interface of our platform, allowing editors and video producers to upload and transcode videos. Out-of-the-box integration.
With our Slack integration, newsrooms can be notified via Slack as their content makes its way through their publishing workflow.
Launch in 90 Days on Brightspot