Inside Brightspot: Brightspot's out-of-the-box analytics

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Inside Brightspot: Brightspot's out-of-the-box analytics

Brightspot comes with an out-of-the-box analytics functionality, with no IT required. We also offer integrations with analytics providers such as Google Analytics, Omniture and others, so it’s possible you can continue to use the systems you’re already familiar with. Metrics can be viewed at both the site and asset level.

As the above demo highlights, Brightspot features out-of-the-box analytics, which means you won’t need IT or development support in order to get basic analytics on your site. It’s worth noting that Brightspot also has integrations with other analytics providers such as Omniture and Google Analytics. In general, we want to work with whatever ecosystem you’re accustomed to; so if you have an analytics system in place that you would like to continue using, there’s a good chance we can explore an integration with it.

To get a closer look, navigate to the Analytics Dashboard section of the CMS. You’ll notice graphic representations of categories such as articles created this month, images created this month, site traffic (broken down by daily/weekly/monthly/annual), as well as pageviews, unique visits, time spent on site, etc.

The dashboard is flexible, allowing you to quickly set up new metrics reports. The way you populate the analytics widgets is entirely up to you.

The CMS also has a tab for Search Metrics, which allows you to see which search terms your front-end users are searching for. These search terms can be extremely helpful in informing your content creation strategy.

In addition to the site-level analytics, you can review analytics on an asset level. If you click on your homepage tab, for example, there’s an analytics widget for each asset, which will show you pageviews over time, spikes in traffic, long gaps between views, etc.

Whether you use Brightspot’s out-of-the-box offering or integrate with another service, the analytics functionality provides powerful tools to monitor your site’s metrics and, in turn, make better-informed programming decisions.