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How Ops Desk solves cloud incident response and reconciliation

screenshot of Ops Desk, a cloud-resource management and incident response tool

What business pain does Brightspot Ops Desk address?

It’s undeniable that cloud computing is an essential part of any modern organization. The global public cloud service market is expected to grow to over $360 billion by 2023 worldwide, according to Gartner.

For most organizations, with the benefits of cloud computing also come the challenges of making sense of an ever-growing cloud infrastructure, responding to incidents and unexpected events, and reconciling that information in a meaningful way that drives value back to the organization.

How does Brightspot Ops Desk approach this problem?

Ops Desk is an organization's single pane of glass for all things cloud, making it easier to add a variety of once-disparate cloud providers, tools and services into a single, unified interface. This provides cloud teams and other stakeholders with a way to quickly access and find what’s relevant to them.

Additionally, Brightspot Ops Desk enables enhanced metadata tracking, record keeping and organization of resources into custom projects. This enables cloud teams to efficiently document and report on the root cause of incidents, allowing the broader organization to build intelligence within the cloud.

With this intelligence and rich metadata, organizations can effectively learn from past events and actually understand them in context, making Ops Desk not just another software tool, but an intelligent remediation and record-keeping communication platform for today’s cloud computing world.

What is the main benefit to cloud teams?

Ops Desk takes an organization's existing infrastructure and consolidates everything into a single user experience, making cloud teams more efficient, building up intelligence and metadata to quickly reconcile incidents, and establishing a single pane of glass through which everyone can achieve a common view.

Key features and benefits:

  • Single pane of glass - An organization's engineers, CEO, CTO and all stakeholders can view all the happenings within the cloud in one centralized location, establishing a single pane of glass through which to make infrastructure decisions.
  • Define root causes - Identify and communicate about an incident and add notes and configurable tags about who or what caused the issue.
  • Powerful search functions - Quickly find and review the specific events in question by using Ops Desk's powerful search and filter functions.
  • Export to reports - Extract relevant information from Ops Desk to answer questions from stakeholders on outages, metrics and cloud performance.

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