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screenshot of Ops Desk, a cloud-resource management and incident response tool

The world of DevOps can be chaotic. With lots of moving parts, any number of problems can happen that require speedy fixes on your end so that the clouds you manage are working properly. In a perfect world, whenever an incident occurs, you’ll immediately locate the root cause, release a hotfix, and move back to your other tasks.

But the world isn’t perfect, and when incidents occur, situations can get messy quickly as DevOps teams scramble to find the cause, fix it, and try to get a handle on how to prevent that kind of issue from happening in the future.

Ops Desk aids you in that endeavor.

Born as an internal product in 2014, Ops Desk gives organizations the insight that they need in order to enjoy a more seamless DevOps environment.

Part of the way we do this is by giving you greater visibility into your DevOps environments. With greater visibility, you are enabled to more effectively assess your cloud environments and discover trends in any incidents that may occur.

Aside from a robust dashboard that gives you an overview of projects, uptime information, events and incidents, we also give you powerful search capabilities and a handy note feature that helps your teams communicate with one another.

Ops Desk Search

Using our search functionality, you can search for events, incidents and instances by a number of filters.

Depending on whether you are viewing an event, incident or instance, the search bar will update per interface to most efficiently allow you to get the information you need.

Incidents, on one hand, can be filtered by Status (Open, Resolved, and Closed) and results can be excluded by Outage Time. The Events search bar, in contrast, includes a Type filter that can show whether the Events were generated by a user, a Github pull request, or any other type of Event that you define and categorize in Ops Desk.

By giving you quick access to this information, Ops Desk helps you better understand your DevOps environment, enabling you to discover trends or similarities between incidents. And being able to rapidly search and filter for them makes a huge difference when you are racing against the clock to get a fix out.

Ops Desk Notes

You can enhance communication when searching for events or incidents by making notes. Notes can be used to communicate insights or other relevant information to your team so that a fix can be readily researched and resolved.

Take the note above, for example. If, in the future, you see that a collection of containers are being reported as unhealthy, you might begin your investigation with checking to see if a previous container that crashed due to low memory still exists. If it does, get rid of it. If not, at least you’ve ruled out one possible cause. Then you can use the search functionality to find similar issues and get that much closer to determining a root cause.

Having the visibility that Ops Desk can give you, along with powerful, synergistic functionalities like search and notes can help the overall health of your DevOps operations. If you need a way to get a better handle around your DevOps business, contact us today to book a demo to see how else we can help you.


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