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As cloud resources grow, IT organizations need an efficient way to perform operations and manage cloud resources. This can prove challenging since the number of potential issues you must identify and solve grows at the same pace. At times, it may feel like your teams are busier putting out fires than they are working on continuous improvement.

At Brightspot, we are familiar with these challenges. In 2014, we found ourselves managing dozens of client cloud accounts, deploying projects weekly, and analyzing many causes of issues and outages. We needed a better way to better consolidate, visualize and organize the information around each cloud we managed.

That’s how our Ops Desk product was born—originally developed for internal use (and still in use today), Ops Desk gives organizations the insight that they need in order to enjoy a more seamless cloud-management environment.

Too often, the problems that teams face with cloud teams are due to a lack of visibility into their clouds. It’s not that these teams aren’t trying—they are—but things can get complicated fast when there’s an outage, and with the subsequent scrambling to find a solution while clients are impacted more seriously each second.

With so many moving parts, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the issue arose. You want to reassure your clients that you’re working on a fix, but “we are still determining the root cause of the issue” just isn’t good enough.

That’s where Ops Desk comes in.

Ops Desk offers cloud teams a robust dashboard that can help keep track over the clouds you manage and the events that take place within them. Upon logging in, engineers see a board of all projects you’ve integrated into the platform. Clicking on a project reveals other pertinent information, like:

  • Project name and description
  • Uptime information
  • Events and incidents graphs
  • Incident report
  • Escalation contacts
  • Quick links to Github repositories
screenshot of Brightspot Ops Desk dashboard

Ops Desk helps cloud teams to gain the visibility they need to more quickly understand their own managed infrastructures. You will have a single location to quickly review cloud events, document and define the root cause of an incident, and report on those incidents to develop intelligence or discover patterns happening within your cloud.

screenshot of Brightspot Ops Desk dashboard

With that information, you’ll be better prepared to handle future issues as they arise since you’ve gained actionable intelligence about how issues can occur specifically within the clouds you manage.

Admins are able to customize the UI to reflect your brand colors, and individual users can select how they want data to be presented—in a board view or list view. We have also brought over our deeply rich search capabilities from Brightspot, enabling users to very quickly filter and search for projects by status.

If your DevOps shop needs an easy way to better visualize your managed clouds and discover insight into how problems may arise so you can more speedily fix them in the future, Ops Desk is your ticket. and keep the wheels turning, Ops Desk can help your DevOps shop run more efficiently.

Inside Ops Desk

  • Single pane of glass - Engineers now can see all the happenings within their cloud in one location, helping them connect the dots.
  • Unlimited projects - Track as many projects or cloud accounts as you need through Ops Desk.
  • Global dashboards - Review at a glance what is happening within your cloud immediately once you log in, with quick access to project-specific information or greater detail of the event/incident in question.
  • Metadata tagging - Define the root cause of an incident and add notes and configurable tags for who or what caused the issue.
  • Powerful search functions - Quickly find and review the specific events in question by using our search and filter functions.
  • Export to reports - Extract the information from Ops Desk to answer questions by upper management on outages or cloud performance.
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