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Brightspot GO: fast, flexible, future-proof

For organizations looking to stay ahead in our fast-changing post-pandemic world, Brightspot GO's ready-to-launch packages are cost-effective, fit-for-purpose, and allow businesses to get up and running quickly, so they can focus on future innovations and growth.

Organizations today need to be hyper-focused on their digital-transformation efforts to ensure they’re truly prepared for anything, and can continue to support their workforce, their partners and their customers with ease as we shift to a post-pandemic world.

Per a recent Gartner study, to pull ahead in COVID-19 recovery and outpace the competition, business leaders also need to find ways to strategically cut costs while funding new growth investments.

Gartner describes three components to this strategic approach: cost-cutting, performance optimization and growth investment.

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Cost reduction
First, it’s important to consider whether there are areas in which to cut costs that no longer fit post-pandemic.

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    Performance optimization
    Next, leaders should identify the current processes in the organization that are non-standardized and burdensome, and assess what further opportunities are provided with digital technology.
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      Investment and growth
      Finally, consider how to invest in new capabilities, so when the organization emerges from this post-pandemic world, it’s set up for success.

        Searching for a solution to fit your needs

        As part of both digital transformation and cost-optimization efforts, organizations should assess their content management system (CMS) to ensure it's the right fit for their business needs—that their solution is regularly improving operations and creating synergies throughout the organization, and that teams are teed up for growth with the right technology in hand.

        However, too many CMS solutions today are out of reach for mid-tier organizations due to cost. These companies are looking for powerful solutions that fit within their budgets while allowing them to grow and innovate.

        Start building in a free trial environment, see a demo, or talk to an expert—select one of these paths and start however you would like to!

        Luckily, these cost-effective, high-performing options do exist.

        Turn to Brightspot GO

        Brightspot GO is a pre-packaged, ready-to-launch version of Brightspot that requires zero customization or dedicated development teams. This solution is coming at a time when digital transformation is crucial for every brand, yet building and launching such experiences without disrupting current business is a challenge.

        Through accelerated time-to-value, quicker ROI and increased cost savings, Brightspot GO was designed to help companies get to their next phase of transformation, and consists of theme-supported packages for media, corporate communications, eCommerce, B2B marketing and company intranets.

        Brightspot GO Media, for example, allows teams to launch enterprise-quality digital content experiences at scale in days or weeks, not months or years. Media organizations can eliminate complicated workarounds for outdated platforms and delayed publishing timelines with GO, and can start publishing quickly with pre-built content types for media like playlists, galleries, listicles and more. This is performance optimization at its finest.

        Brightspot GO meets organizations where they are today—the packages are cost-effective, fit-for-purpose, and allow businesses to get up and running quickly, so they can focus on future innovations and growth.


        Brightspot GO was designed with you in mind

        Choose one of our tailored experiences to see how Brightspot GO can give your organization a head start on launching its digital transformation.

        Start Free Trial
        Learn how Brightspot GO’s GraphQL-powered platform gives you the ultimate flexibility in developing your own front end solutions and helps you manage modular content across channels and endpoints.
        Explore how Brightspot GO can help you build and grow your business with integrations designed for inventory management, easy-to-launch product pages and more to drive sales and revenue.
        See how Brightspot GO empowers your publishing teams, making it easy to create and deliver high-volume content for audiences across your content ecosystem without sacrificing quality.
        Discover how Brightspot GO’s best-in-class authoring, collaboration and workflow tools ensure you can deliver your message in a consistent and cohesive format to the right people at the right time.
        Learn how Brightspot GO accelerates your digital marketing efforts by making it easy to create, edit, publish, and manage the content at the heart of your customer acquisition strategy.
        See how Brightspot GO makes it possible to reimagine your intranet, ensuring your organization maintains productivity and engagement in a new distributed work environment.

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