Upleveling content strategy for a digital world with Brightspot GO

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In today's always-on, virtual-first world, it's crucial for businesses to get the right content to the right people faster. We know that this leads to increased engagement with a brand or publisher, and means organizations can deliver on a strong experience. With the right technology, businesses can do just this, and move to their next big phase of transformation—whatever that may mean or look like for them—quickly and efficiently.

Brightspot GO is the offering that can get content publishers to this next phase of their digital journey. GO is the new "direct-to-customer" version of Brightspot that comes pre-packaged and can be used out-of-the-box. We designed it to enable any brand to create transformative digital experiences at astonishing speed, with no limits to future changes and edits.

In short, Brightspot GO helps businesses move faster so that they can get to phase two, three and four of their digital transformation journeys—and beyond. Let's look at the top three ways that Brightspot GO helps to uplevel content strategy for a virtual-first world.

Headless capabilities to remain agile for whatever comes next

The accelerated digital transformation we've all experienced over the past year—caused by the remote nature of how we now work and live—has changed many industries and processes, including content. Today, people are consuming more content online, with 24% of marketers intending to increase their content marketing investment in 2020.

With this higher demand for online content, organizations need to be flexible to changes in content processes and strategy, and continue to scale output. As new channels become popular, too, and people spend more time on screens, you need your content to render effectively across multiple touchpoints, such as web, mobile and wearables.

This is where the headless CMS offering of Brightspot GO is valuable. Brightspot's GraphQL-powered headless platform gives you ultimate flexibility to publish modular content across any channel or endpoint—even ones you might not have thought of yet—supporting your unique business needs now and in the future. Other GO capabilities that contribute to flexibility are editorial content type creation, in-CMS data-modeling tools and workflows to give you full control over all your assets.

Theme-supported packages allow transformation to happen quicker

The virtual world is creating a stronger need for digital properties, and companies naturally are trying to respond quickly. Since there is more content via more channels than ever before, it’s even more important that content be personalized and useful to whomever is on the receiving end.

Beyond Brightspot GO Headless, for companies looking to get going without needing any support from internal dev resources, Brightspot GO is available with sector-specific content packages for media, corporate communications, eCommerce, B2B marketing and intranet use cases.

If a company was looking to build a better intranet quickly, for example, to support employee engagement in a new digital-first workforce, Brightspot GO Intranet would serve as a jumping-off point providing all of the layouts and features needed to successfully get started with ease.

Brightspot GO’s packages come with a robust set of content authoring and editing tools. Pre-built themes can also be applied to packages, allowing for better design customization.

Overall, the packages provide great time-to-value, making it faster and easier to get a site set up for the purpose you need. It also reduces the need for IT involvement that can use up time and money. In this way, the power of content creation rests in the hands of any user.

Access to a powerful, tested solution sets you up for future success

Brightspot GO includes the same core functionality powering Brightspot’s enterprise business and hundreds of sites for some of the world’s largest and most well-known brands—like Walmart, the Los Angeles Times and Sotheby's.

With GO, companies across sizes and industries can apply this industrial-strength CMS. Brightspot GO is truly for any brand that needs a solution that’s fast, easy to use and powerful. While it’s backed up by power and experience, you can have an agile and cost-effective solution that's nimble enough for uncertain times.

In the virtual world, expectations for content creation and distribution are high. Because of this, the need to continue to innovate and digitize has never been stronger. With its headless architecture and theme-supported packages, Brightspot GO delivers a powerful solution that also saves time and money. Brightspot has provided some of the world's biggest brands with the tools to get to their next level—whatever that may mean for their business—and it can do the same for your organization.

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