Software Development

Ryan Anderson
By Ryan Anderson
January 16, 2018
Both development and business teams should embrace low-code platforms in 2018 as useful tools that empower them to keep up with changing market and customer demands.
Lingjie Zhang
By Lingjie Zhang
January 10, 2018
Here are five reasons why Lingjie Zhang—a Software Engineer at Perfect Sense/Brightspot—found code review to be essential for ensuring the robustness, consistency, and sustainability of a coding project.
Brightspot Staff
By Brightspot Staff
January 04, 2018
Find out how the Brightspot operations team is working to to make sure you, our customers, felt zero impact from the recent security vulnerabilities impacting Intel, AMD and ARM processors.
Elizabeth Thomas
By Elizabeth Thomas
September 26, 2017
As a developer, if you want to avoid burnout and enjoy a long, fulfilling career—be sure to avoid the “Hero Complex” by letting go of your ego, partnering with stakeholders, and taking care of yourself.
Elizabeth Thomas
By Elizabeth Thomas
August 09, 2017
Software development is a great career regardless of gender. But here are some reasons Software Engineer Elizabeth Thomas believes it is a great choice, in particular, for women.