Use Cases

CMS for B2B Publishers

screenshot of Brightspot Content Business Platform UI

Brightspot is designed to accelerate digital transformation by consolidating multiple publications into a single instance.

What’s the business pain point we address?

B2B publishers have struggled to transform into fully digital-first organizations. As a result, they are saddled with high operating costs, inefficient publishing workflows and the inability to capitalize on digital behavior. As the global events business moves to virtual, organizations that have not embraced digital will struggle to offset revenue lost from these activities.

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How does Brightspot approach this problem?

Brightspot is designed to accelerate digital transformation by allowing publishers to consolidate all their publications into a single instance, integrate their existing workflows and deeply embed their technology into the publishing workflow. The result is more efficient publishing, less reliance on technical resources and the ability to rapidly launch microsites to support a changing events business.

Key features & benefits

  • Digital-to-Print workflows - In Brightspot, print is just another workflow. Leveraging integrations, notifications and roles and rights make it simple to publish to your print platform of choice, make edits and have it seamlessly sync between systems.
  • Newsletter capability - Create newsletters with Brightspot. Publishers can either integrate with their newsletter technology or create HTML newsletters to share with their marketing automation platform. Brightspot’s seamless publishing experience allows editors to select the content they want to include, select publication dates and preview before publishing.
  • Integration ready - Brightspot was designed to deeply integrate with your critical systems. This includes print solution, marketing automation, paywall providers, advertising networks and customer relationship management (CRM). The result is a well-orchestrated customer experience.
  • Multi-site management - Consolidate all your publications into a single instance of Brightspot. The result maximizes publishing efficiency across your portfolio of sites and enables editors to quickly reuse content and create workflows which span your organization.
  • Unified taxonomy - Create a common taxonomy to make content re-use, discovery and publishing more efficient.
  • Rapid microsite deployment - Publishers looking to rapidly launch microsites for virtual events, content themes or any other reason can do so quickly with Brightspot. Existing roles and rights from existing sites can be extended, themes can be repurposed and content easily shared—all without any technical support.

What is the main benefit to the user?

B2B publishers can quickly transform their digital experiences, support all their publications and integrate with critical revenue generating tools with limited development resources. By using Brightspot, users get a publisher-informed UI which makes publishing, personalizing and supporting the omni-channel easier than ever before.