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Time-Saving Tips for Creating Content in Brightspot

With a slew of time-saving publishing features, content creation in Brightspot is designed to be quick and intuitive. Live page preview gives you the ability to create and update content while simultaneously seeing what it’ll look like when it appears on the front end of your website. Contextual search makes finding authors and tags quick and simple. Our powerful RTE enables you to copy and paste bold text and links directly into it, and it recognizes twitter URLs as an enhancement.
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In just a few clicks, your content can be instantaneously translated to French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish.
Audience segmentation is a powerful tool that enables you to deliver different variations of content to different users based on their interests and past usage.
Brightspot Readymade allows you to adjust your site's front end quickly, easily and without intervention from a front-end developer or your IT department.
Learn how to edit, update and manage multiple pieces of content at once with bulk edits and workstreams.
The dynamic pages feature gives you the ability to publish content once and have it appear multiple places on your site.
The customizable widget is a favorite among busy editors, who use it as a shortcut to pin their most-used content types to their dashboards.