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Your Guide to Using Brightspot's Content Templates

Brightspot’s Content Templates allow writers, reporters and editors to create preformatted content that can be used and reused. For example, in less than a minute, a writer can create a template that contains her byline, sections and personal reminders. From that point forward, those publishing fields will be prepopulated with the information the writer saved. Templates can be assigned at the global, role or user level, allowing admins to curate and standardize the publishing experience at every level.
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Brightspot Readymade allows you to adjust your site's front end quickly, easily and without intervention from a front-end developer or your IT department.
The dynamic pages feature gives you the ability to publish content once and have it appear multiple places on your site.
The customizable widget is a favorite among busy editors, who use it as a shortcut to pin their most-used content types to their dashboards.
No need to contact IT. With Brightspot, you can update your website’s navigation, making your publishing experience more customized.
Customize Brightspot's UI to match your branding and brand color palette, plus see how you can publish from any device.
Brightspot comes with a set of granular permission sets that can be configured directly in the system, giving developers and admins greater control over who has access to what.