In this webinar, Special Olympics discusses their experience re-branding and improving the online presence for the Spread The Word movement, and increasing digital pledging and resources for those looking to get involved.
Ad Council needed to accelerate the planning, development, launch, and post-launch process that goes into creating their dozens of new campaigns. Watch this webinar to see how microsites help manage the unique look, purpose and goals of their many campaigns.
Managing content creation is a two-pronged challenge; people and content. In this webinar we explore how a worthwhile solution needs to solve both parts of the content creation dilemma by providing flexibility to adapt to your needs while reducing friction and wasted time.
While 2019 was another watershed year for media companies, 2020 promises to usher in even greater change at an increasingly rapid pace. Those prepared for macro changes and media industry shifts will find success, win more customers and deliver better business results.
In 2020, the most successful marketers will be those that focus on what matters to their customers, securing their PII, delivering the right information at the right time on the right device and investing in the right tools.
Over the last year, companies have fiercely battled to engage and retain employees like never before. Now companies are racing to improve the situation with the realization that a modern internal communication platform is critical to retention and hiring.
A good intranet experience encourages collaboration and connects teams across time zones and locations. A great intranet experience improves communication and gives you a valuable place to connect with and truly nurture your most valuable audience: your employees.
Did you know that packaging brand messages as stories can make your brand 22 times more memorable? Find out how to tell the story of your brand in a manner that is effective, agile and scalable with the right CMS.
Looking to do more with your video content? Seamlessly create, edit, search, tag and distribute video content within one consistent workflow with the powerful combination of Brightspot and Amazon Web Services.
When it comes to marketing the most human brand wins. In this webinar, brand expert, business consultant and best-selling author Mark Schaefer discusses how to connect with customers in a world without brand loyalty.
When it’s time to move to a modern CMS, you’ll hear a great deal about “headless” CMS architecture. No longer simply a trend, a headless CMS is a strategic choice that affords your content creators and developers greater power, freedom and agility.
Are you in the market for an updated CMS? Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the various CMS platforms available today and explore the latest trends and key criteria to consider when making a purchasing decision.
How do you know what style of CMS architecture is right for your business? In this webinar, our technology and product experts discuss everything you need to know about the spectrum of headless and API-first CMS solutions available today.
If you're looking to enable experimentation, create targeted and personalized campaigns or launch new capabilities outside of your main website, it's time to consider microsites.
To remain competitive in any industry, you need a CMS that won’t slow you down or hold you back. If you’re ready to move to a new platform in 2019, here’s some guidance to help you win internal approval.
Many IT and marketing leaders are fearful that a CMS transition will take months (or more), cost a fortune, and require an army of consultants. However, new platforms are making it easier and faster than ever for organizations to move to a solution that better meets their needs.
Monolithic CMS systems built in the pre-digital era—like Adobe Experience Manager—cannot deliver the speed and flexibility the modern enterprise needs. Find out how a modern solution like Brightspot­ can be the answer to your legacy system woes.
Hear why Headless is the hot new thing in CMS architecture. And while headless isn't the best fit for everyone, it should be considered if you're looking for a solution that provides maximum control, front-end flexibility, and developer freedom.
Hear how the nation's largest public broadcaster, WGBH, transformed its digital strategy with audience-first engagement using deep personalization across TV, print, radio, and web. Our featured presenter, Bob Kempf, VP of Digital at WGBH, explains how the company adopted more modern solutions to drive success.
Join the Walmart dream team as they discuss why they chose Brightspot to alleviate their most painful publishing roadblocks. Plus the evolution of content management and five reasons to replatform to a modern system. Featuring Caitlin Brown, Sr. Manager of Digital Strategy at Walmart.
An early pioneer of brand storytelling, Johnson & Johnson's Carrie Sloan, discusses how her team transformed the 130-year-old company into a storytelling powerhouse. Learn about the three obstacles to digital storytelling and how the right technology can facilitate a newsroom approach.