Customer Testimonials: Why B2B Companies Trust Perfect Sense to Deliver Better Outcomes

Perfect Sense was founded in 2008 with the belief that the following combination sets our company apart: a powerful, enterprise publishing platform and a team of committed professionals who wake up every morning focused on highest-quality implementation and customer satisfaction and success. From the first demo of Brightspot, we begin working for you. We listen, we collaborate with your teams, and we don’t believe it’s enough to meet your requirements and expectations—we work to exceed them in every way we can.

In today’s ever-changing world of business and technology, high-volume publishers, brand storytellers and media companies benefit from a platform designed to respond to their new ideas and requirements, coupled with professionals who understand this and work to embrace their organization and deliver a platform to support their digital transformation.

We begin each day thinking about ways to delight editors, empower developers and positively impact your business. The following case studies and testimonials showcase our work with global companies to do precisely that.


Brightspot is the Lego set of the CMS world, and with it we have the power and flexibility to customize any part of the system to suit our exact needs.
Matt Cribbs, Vice President of Technology, SourceMedia

In 2017, SourceMedia faced a common dilemma in today’s digital-first world: being held back by an ineffective network of legacy content management systems. Up to that point, SourceMedia had used 17 content management systems to operate its 25 sites.

The Outcome: Since relaunching on Brightspot, SourceMedia can manage all sites through one CMS; customize the admin experience, making it easier to manage millions of assets; streamline mobile integration; and organize conference microsites. Empowered by Brightspot, SourceMedia continues to meet its engagement and revenue goals and has garnered six awards for innovation and leadership in the B2B media industry.

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We had 24 sites hosted on an aging CMS that was cumbersome to use and difficult to improve. After a four-month bake-off involving 25 CMS platforms, Hanley Wood selected Brightspot due to its rich features and functionality, and because our content producers loved the publishing experience. Perfect Sense helped us relaunch all 24 sites and gave us the successful outcome they promised during our very first meeting.
Rizwan Ali, Vice President of Product Development, Hanley Wood
Hanley Wood

To successfully expand into a robust digital-first company, Hanley Wood needed to replace its costly, time-consuming CMS with a flexible platform that would deliver first-rate digital experiences and create efficient editorial workflows for more than 80 editors. The solution would need to integrate into the company’s existing tech stack, feature multisite and multichannel capabilities, offer real-time analytics and reporting, and have the capacity to distribute and manage sponsored content and targeted content packages.

The Outcome: Thanks to tailored workflows, real-time preview capabilities, centralized media galleries, image editing, and editorial feed curation, Brightspot saves editors working across the CMS on 22 sites at least two hours each day. Newsletter publishing time has gone from two days to as little as 12 minutes, resulting in significant cost savings. What’s more, Brightspot has helped unleash new ad and revenue opportunities by distributing and managing sponsored content and targeted content packages.

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The speed to market, the speed to launch just continues to get better and better with Brighspot, and we in turn, make that a part of our proposition. Where our competition might take months to launch a web presence, our partnership with Perfect Sense and the evolution of Brightspot allows us bring a new client onboard and launch a new experience in a matter of hours.
Kyle Ragsdale, Chief Marketing Officer, Billy Casper Golf
Billy Casper Golf

Billy Casper Golf (BCG), one of the nation’s largest golf course operators, came to Perfect Sense with a unique challenge: to decrease the launch time of new websites for its partner courses from weeks down to days. Previously, BCG was using several different CMS solutions and manual processes to manage and update its websites, making templated site creation and maintenance cumbersome.

The Outcome: With multisite capabilities backed by a powerful content management engine, Brightspot enabled BCG to effectively scale their business, increase brand consistency and maximize value for present and future clients. Thanks to this partnership, BCG’s website development and launch process is accelerated, empowering them to launch beautiful new sites in a matter of days. In addition, they can manage thousands of events more consistently across BCG-run clubs with a user-friendly, cloud-based event management solution.

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