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The most flexible CMS for developers
Simplify dev work for every site
Your tech, your way. From migration, to integrations, to workflows and site management, Brightspot's flexible content management system lets developers work the way they want.

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Technical teams trust Brightspot to deliver digital experiences at scale
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Frictionless development

Go headless to power an API-first design, or use our front-end framework—or do both and make the most of Brightspot's flexible hybrid architecture.
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Back-end and front-end developers can work at the same time.
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Mix and match your front-end content offerings to deliver the best experience to every device.
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Future-proof your business by making it easy to stay secure and evolve alongside new technologies.
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Reduce the amount of custom code for each implementation with a composable approach.

Flexible solutions to scale with your business

Brightspot CMS provides the most flexible architecture for developers and content creators to create compelling headless experiences.

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Whether you prefer headless, decoupled or a blend of both, Brightspot’s hybrid-based flexibility gives you the choice to do it all.

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Brightspot’s decoupled architecture empowers developers with the flexibility to choose and optimize front-end technologies, fostering scalability with a future-proof architecture.

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Read FedEx's decoupled success story 
The CMS that puts you in control
Select your chosen architecture and deliver content to any endpoint with Brightspot CMS. Then, evolve as your strategy changes over time, with the flexibility to modify your back end.

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Adaptable for tomorrow
Brightspot's platform offers multisite capabilities, localization functionalities and flexible architecture that seamlessly connects with any system, whether proprietary, enterprise or third-party.

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Take an API-first approach
Through Brightspot's APIs, exchange metadata between the CMS and any third-party platform. Or, hit the ground running with our library of 50+ ready-to-use integrations.

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Revolutionize your development potential

Development teams are constantly seeking ways to optimize their workflows, reduce costs, and focus on strategic priorities. The Brightspot Design System meets these needs, offering a robust, flexible framework that minimizes development time and maximizes output.
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Approach 1 - No code
Empower your non-technical teams to create and launch new content in minutes or hours, not weeks or months. Choose layouts, colors, styles, fonts and other design attributes directly within the Brightspot CMS, no designers or code required.
Design system style 2
Approach 2 - Low code
Extend Brightspot's Design System with industry-standard, low code CSS, JavaScript, and Handlebars templates to create the specific presentation layer you want, without the time and expense you don't.
Style 3 of the design system
Approach 3 - Fully custom
Utilize a design team (yours, ours, or anyone else’s) and a create a professional software project for a fully custom presentation layer with no limitations, at a fraction of the time and expense of other platforms.
Expert technical guidance
Development and technical support
Brightspot’s Developer Portal is a robust resource that empowers users to develop faster, collaborate, innovate and deliver exceptional experiences.

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Brightspot is the Lego set of the CMS world, and with it we have the power and flexibility to customize any part of the system to suit our exact needs.
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