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Brightspot's flexible architecture gives modern developers and content creators the freedom to connect their own front-end experience while still taking advantage of our intuitive user interface and collection of customizable features, functionality and content types & templates.

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The Constellation Research ShortList, an annual collection of preferred vendors across over 50 industries and services, named Brightspot in the category of Content Management Software – Headless.

Features to help you build experiences with speed

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Content management & delivery via headless APIs
Brightspot's platform is your ultimate toolkit for data management, content creation and delivery. This includes the ability to quickly create REST or GraphQL API endpoints to support seamless content management and distribution.
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Intuitive content creation & publication interface
An integrated rich-text editor, versatile image tools, intuitive taxonomy features, real-time previews and advanced page management make it simple to create content. Create and manage content types, with the ability to define custom fields and relationships easily.
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Live headless preview
Easily preview content changes across multiple channels before saving or publishing to your website. Edit an entry and instantly preview the changes side-by-side in real time. Our preview tool accommodates multiple perspectives—including different device orientations—and allows you to share previews with non-CMS users.
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Configurable roles and access control
With Brightspot’s detailed permissions framework, CMS administrators have the autonomy to design roles with specific site-, tool- and content-level permissions. With this granularity, you can dictate the actions a role can perform on content or determine the visibility of specific fields. While developers can shape these permissions, there's also the option to synchronize the CMS with your company directory, quickly automating role assignments.
While our extensive selection of 100+ content types and templates are available right out of the box, you can also adapt them to your needs or construct your own distinct content types and templates to produce brilliant content. This can be done using a diverse range of field types, from simple text and rich media to specific options like dates, numbers authors, file references and more.
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Modular content
Designed for modularity and reusability, the features, functionality and tools in Brightspot empower you to consistently streamline content creation, ensuring efficiency and simplicity. Orchestrate and structure composable content to create dynamic experiences for your audiences.
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Content syndication
Push your content out to all channels right from the CMS where your audiences are looking for content from any device with device-agnostic composable content in over 100 languages and locales.

Flexible architecture that scales with you

Our architectural design allows you to select the most suitable setup for your content creation and delivery needs, growing as your business does. Whether you're leaning toward headless, decoupled or a hybrid of the two, our system ensures impeccable content delivery to any device, all from a single CMS instance. Feel free to craft your front end or tweak our ready-made one; we're equipped to support every preference.
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Headless CMS success stories

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Brightspot’s Developer Portal is a robust resource that empowers customers and partners to develop faster and collaborate, innovate and efficiently deliver exceptional experiences using Brightspot.

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